Technical Information

  • The Irish Flood Barrier is a zintec-coated steel barrier. NO RUST

  • The barrier is also factory powder-painted in an oven giving it ALL-WEATHER RESISTANCE.

  • It is precision machine folded on all edges to give MAXIMUM STRENTH due to its unique design.

  • The barrier is a strong yet lightweight product.

  • It is fitted with rubber gaskets on its base and sides to provide the WATERTIGHT finish.

  • Side rails are permanently fitted to the property.  This way barriers can be fitted in 2 minutes in emergency situations.

  • We can also provide an anti-theft lockable system which allows you to leave your barrier in place overnight or over an entire weekend if there is a threat of flooding.

  • For added downward pressure, barriers can be supplied with a pressure plate at no extra cost.

  • For wider doors, our system comes with a heavy duty demountable pillar which can be erected in 30 seconds and demounted in 30 seconds without any wrenches, tools, nuts or bolts.

  • Our uniquely designed pillar ensures that there will be no rust or grit problems in an emergency flood situation and you can have your barrier erected in the quickest time possible.

  • All barriers come with a 12 month warranty and 7 days a week sales and back-up service.


Peace of Mind
Our company's many years of experience in the construction, civil
engineering and steel fabrication businesses combine to offer simple, practical
and highly effective flood solutions

  • Our flood barriers have been tried and tested.
  • Ours is a family run business with just one owner offering the
    reassurance of a 7 days a week back-up service.